Running from the floor

Running from the Floor for the 2022 Election:


Procedure: The Nominating Committee will present the slate of eligible and verified candidates to the chapter at the March 6, 2022

regular chapter meeting.

  • After the slate is presented, the presiding officer opens the floor for nominations.
  • After each position is read, the president shall call for nominations from the floor: “Are there any other nominations for the office of ____?” If there are no nominations from the floor, nominations for that position shall be CLOSED. This shall be repeated for each open position until all positions have been called. If there are no further nominations, then the nominations shall be closed.
  • The slate verified by the nominating committee will then be given to the Elections Committee to prepare the ballot for the April 2, 2022 election.
  • Campaigning may begin after the March 6, 2022 meeting for all eligible, verified candidates. See rules about campaigning for further instructions and/or clarifications.


Candidate Requirements: Those candidates nominated from the floor shall be in compliance with all eligibility criteria for holding office.

  • A candidate running from the floor, whether or not they have previously submitted their completed application package and found to not be eligible, must at the time of their nomination be a member in good standing of DAC and fulfill the following requirements:
  • Submit a COMPLETED Candidate Profile including a Delta Resume at or before time of nomination


  • All submissions are to be uploaded to the Nominating Committee Chair at within 30 minutes from the conclusion of the closing of nominations from the floor. Submissions received after said time period will automatically be disqualified without review.
  • Eligibility of all candidates will be verified by the Nominating Committee. Candidates found to not be eligible WILL NOT be placed on the ballot for the chapter vote.


Suspension of Rules: As long as it does not interfere with the National Bylaw or the rules of the state, if there are NO nominees submitted by the Nominating Committee or nominated from the floor who meet ALL of the eligibility requirements for an elected officer position, then qualifications other than Chapter membership may be suspended by a 2/3 VOTE OF THOSE MEMBERS PRESENT (RONR Sec2). The Nominating Committee has made the following initial resolution should no eligible candidate be found: Resolved,


That the “Must have attended at least one of the last three (3) National Conventions and one of the last three (3) Regional Conferences” rule be suspended to allow “Must have attended at least one of the last three (3) National Conventions or one of the last three (3) Regional Conferences” to qualify for an elected officer position. (ref: RONR Sec2).


Additional Clarifications: No applicant running from the floor will be permitted to campaign prior to her name being placed in nomination and eligibility established, including selecting a campaign committee. Any campaign literature sent prior to that time will result in immediate disqualification. This includes, but is not limited to, print as well as electronic materials (excluding the online submission of the application). *Submission of the candidate Profile before nominations are taken from the floor is recommended and is NOT considered campaigning.

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