Founders Day Vendor Payment 2020
This agreement is between the Denver Alumnae Chapter ("DAC") and the vendor listed on this Application and Agreement, herein called “Vendor”. DAC and Vendor are mutually agreeing to enter into a short-term agreement to display and promote the vendor’s services/programs at Power of Self Care on March 16, 2019. Vendor agrees to have adequate insurance to cover itself in the event of a loss of any kind and does not hold Denver Alumnae Chapter liable for any damages related to this event or the vendors participation therein.
-Children - (anyone under 18 years old) must be properly supervised at all times while at the Power of Self Care event. Absolutely NO running/playing in the hallways, restroom(s), or in the front entry/foyers is allowed. Children must stay in the in the Space or additional cleanup charges will be taken from the Damage/Misc. deposit. Children (anyone under 18 years old) are not allowed to use the seating areas in the foyer. Children are not allowed to leave and then return to the Facility unless supervised by an adult. Children are not allowed in the kitchen. Denver Deltas has the right to immediately terminate the Vendor’s participation if the above rules are not followed. -Decorating Policies- Rice, birdseed, confetti, crazy string, glitter, fog machines and other similar items are NOT permitted for use at event in either the interior or exterior of the Facility or the Space. · No signs, pictures or anything else, may be attached to any walls by any means. · Lightweight, flexible banners or signs may be hung from the ceiling, but only by facility’s staff. We must be notified prior to the day of your Event if you wish us to hang banners or signs. Such signs will require an additional charge. · Nothing that is a hard object may be hung from the ceiling. · Votive, tea light and “dripless” candles are the only types of candles permitted for any use in any interior area of the event site. · No items may be attached to the Chandeliers at any time. Financial responsibility for damage to the Chandeliers will be solely born by Vendor for any actions taken which result in any damage called to the Chandeliers. -Smoking Policy- Smoking tobacco or marijuana, the consumption of marijuana containing products or the possession or use of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is NOT permitted in the Facility, including the kitchen, restroom(s) and interior or exterior entrance areas. There is no smoking of any kind allowed within fifteen (15) feet of the front entrance. -Miscellaneous- Absolutely no pyrotechnics or fireworks of any type are allowed at the event site. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of Vendor contract, damages and prosecution. All items delivered to or removed from the event site must be loaded in and out of the back doors. The area between the event site and the parking lot is a fire lane, and your vehicle may be ticketed and towed. No animals other than service animals are permitted at the event site. Denver Deltas are not responsible for ANY lost, misplaced, damaged, or stolen items. You acknowledge that you are being recorded by a digital video recording system. The recordings may be used to determine responsibility for any damages or to assist in criminal matters. The recordings will not be used for any other purposes.
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All vendors will have 6ft table with 2 chairs

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